Wotta Mess

Wotta Mess - UK

Funktastically Pimplicious Wonktastically Spaztastic Wotta Mess…. a.k.a. that cunt who don’t take request’s 😉
He has played at various squat parties around London as part of Sonic Sound System, including multi-riggers and also at various different parties/clubs around Britain and Europe and is a resident for DistractAir. He has also played on many different internet radio stations including illfm.net, pitchless industries radio, and electro evangelist radio, .
He is now the owner/management/host of Twisted Giblet Radio (TGR) on wonky fm and hosts the internet radio show’s, the “Mid-Week WonkFest with Wotta Mess” and the “Warm Up To DON’T”, and has also become a bit of a regular feature on the FeierAbend Kombinat/Bazzmacho friday mixlr.com internet radio link up session.
His aim musically is to wonk your senses, and make you jerk your limbs to the wonktasticlly spaztastic sound which other techno does not offer.
So be prepared to have your senses well and truly wonked!!!!